In the ancient Sri Lanka Galle was Called “Gimhathitha” the Sinhalese pronunciation “Gaala” derived from the word “Gala” (Stone). Gala implies meeting place of bullock carts. Later it was pronounced as “Gaala”.
Galle District secured an important place in the battles against enemies as the capital sity of Southern Province. Ancient legends revealed that in 1072 A.C. King Vijayabahu. I Started his battled against “Soil” in Thambalagamuwa of Hiniduma Pattu. According to legends, during reign of king Dambhadeniya Parakramabahu carried out his battle against Queen Sugala in the Galle District. Galle was a very important area during reign of King Maha Parakramabahu. The Portuguese, Dutch and English established their kingdoms here.

The sons of the Galle district made immense service to Sinhala Literature. Thotagamuwa Vijayaba pirivena, which was a famous educational institute in Kotte era [1], produced great scholars to the country.

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