Down the Galle road, you will this mesmerizing town with a fabulous reef, waves made for surfing and people made for partying. It used to be popular only for a stopover on the way to Galle and mostly international surfing fans but now the town has taken over the hearts and minds of everyone who just simply hears about it.

Any given time of the year, you can find Hikkaduwa entertaining surfers catching waves, divers exploring coral reefs, partygoers looking for a crazy night out and travelers looking for the perfect getaway. From July onwards everyday at Hikkaduwa is a party night.

Surfers flock here from November to April, using the advantage of wide beaches with perfectly formed shorelines. The waves rise from 3 to 6 feet and even though the surfing season is well packed, a few surfers will always be wondering the beach at any given time of the year.

Hikkaduwa is infamous for its perfect blends of ingredients served with rotti and almost any restaurant will offer a form of rotti. Rotti shops are placed all along the Galle road and varieties offered are from cheese and chicken, devilled chicken to chocolate/ banana and avocado. Just stop by any rotti and pick your selection.

Just as rotti shops, clothing shops are also all over the Galle road. You will find all sorts of surf and beach wear, in various designs. If you are looking for something specific, just go to a shop, pick the design, give your measurements and come back in a few hours to collect it.

(Distance from Colombo – 99km)



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