These dances which originate back to the 19th century or beyond are still very much alive today as a form entertainment. According to the myth, Kolam Dances came into being to satisfy the needs of a pregnant queen who craved to see masks dancing. The characters wear colorful masks made of light wood and dance for an entire night replaying stories or simply dancing. The performances comments around 8 or 9 in the evening and continue till the early hours of morning. The first part of the play is devoted to performance by characters not directly connected to the main play.

This is followed by the presentation of one or two stories in drama form. In Kolam Dances besides mythological and historical episodes, aspects of traditional singhala or colonial society are also depicted. Some of the best known Kolam are, Andabera Kolama, Hewa Kolama, Arachchi Kolama and pedi Kolama.

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