Madunagala Hot Springs are located 24 Km north east of Ambalantota. The hot Springs are situated in a Stretch of open land close to the Madunagala Hermitage. The bubbling hot water is collected in tank for bathing. Ruhunu Tourist Bureau of Southern Province has developed the Mahapelessa as a major tourist attraction for local and foreign visitors.

A Tourist Village with Agro, Eco and Cultural values has been developed in this stretch of land as well. Basic objective of this Project is to generate Tourist attraction utilizing these values. Organic farm, Bird paradise, Aquarium, Folk Art Museum, Spice garden, Herbal garden are presently promoted for you. There is a touristique and even educational values also. Accommodation has been furnished with 4 roomed Circuit bungalows, cabana type 2 observation rooms, as to get the experience with modern and traditional styles.

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