The history of Matara runs upto Ravana era and the author of the Mahawansa introduces this town with a great honour as the town of the high cast people and education centre of the wealth.
It has been proved with archaeological evidences that Matara is a area where governed by the tribe “Naga” before the arrival of Wijaya. It has been shown that the king Mutaseewa and prince Mahanama who fled to Ruhuna were Naga tribesmen had been living in areas such as Navimana, Nadugala, Naimwala and Naradda.
The History says that the king Dappula who was born in Ruhuna became famous among the public by the name of Dapulusen and that the king great Wijayaba had been living in Matara area and was awarded with the post where foreign trade vessel were anchored and Agrabodhi Vihara of Weligama as a construction made In  the period of Devanam piyathissa were mentioned in ancient documents. Further Hathbodhiwatte and Matara Bodhi situated in the period of King Kumaradasa. According to above mentioned facts Matara district possesses a very proud history.

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