This is one of beach area enriched with biodiversity mostly popularized as nesting ground for varieties of turtles and species of mangroves. About 200km is in distance.

The best time to see turtles is between January and April; periods when there’s a full moon are also good throughout the year, because there are both more turtles and more light to see them by. Rekawa’s record is apparently 23 turtles in one night, , For security reasons (it’s a dark and lonely ride), it’s best to book a reliable tuktuk through your guest house; note also that turtle-watching can make for a long and boring evening: take a sarong to sit on, as well as any food and drink you might fancy.

Locals will suggest you arrive at the beach just after nightfall, though given that most turtles don’t turn up till much later (often around midnight) you might want to delay your arrival until about 8.30 or 9pm. Finally, don’t expect either the villagers or your tuktuk driver to have change – potentially a bit of a problem at lam in the middle of nowhere: take the right money.


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